Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Allam

Arrest Date: April 25, 2020.
Legal Status:Pretrial detention pending investigations.
Lawsuit Number:558/2020 Exclusive State Security.

A journalist and TV programs editor, worked for several Egyptian and Arab newspapers and TV channels such as, CBC, Al-Mayadeen, Al-Masry Al-youm, Assafir. He works now for Al-Karama newspaper.
On April 25, 2020, the police forces arrested Allam after storming his family home in Al-Ayyat, Giza. Allam’s whereabouts were unknown until he appeared before the State Security prosecution, in Fifth Settlement district. Allam is facing several charges, including Joining a terrorist group, spreading false news using Social Media Networks. The prosecution ordered his detention for 15 days, pending investigations in lawsuit No. 558/2020 Exclusive State Security.
Allam’s prosecution is likely because he participated in preparing a video report, on Covid-19 situation in Egypt, for one of non-Egyptian TV channels.

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