Hisham Abdel Aziz

Date of arrest: June 20, 2019
Legal Situation: Pretrial Detention
Case Number: 1956/2019 State Security Prosecution

On June 20, 2019, the security authorities at Cairo Airport detained a Journalist at AlJazeera along with his family members, Hisham Abdel Aziz and his family were flying back from Doha, on vacation, and their passports were withdrawn before they were released.

As soon as Abdel Aziz arrived at his home, he received a phone call from a National Security officer asking him to return to Cairo airport to receive the passports that had been withdrawn from him and his family. Yet as soon as he arrived at the airport, he disappeared, until he showed up again in the State Security Prosecution as a defendant in Case 1356/2018 where he is charged with joining a terrorist group and spreading false news.

On December 5, 2019, Abdel Aziz was released with a financial guarantee. However, during the release procedures at Hadayek al-Qubba Police Station, he was subjected to illegal detention for nearly a month, then his case was recycled in connection to the State Security Case 1956/2019, in which he faced the same charges of the previous case.

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