Bahaa El Din Ibrahim

Date of arrest: February 23, 2020
Case: Supreme State Security Case 1365/2018
Legal status: Pretrial Detention

In February 2020, the security services at Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria arrested journalist Bahaa El Din Ibrahim where he was scheduled to travel to Qatar. Ibrahim was forcibly disappeared for nearly 75 days, during which he was tortured before appearing in the first week of May before the Supreme State Security Prosecution in the Fifth Settlement, accused in the State Security Case 1365/2018 of joining a group that was founded against the law and publishing False news. The Public Prosecution ordered his detention for 15 days pending the case.

Ibrahim worked as a journalist and translator for many Egyptian and international media outlets, most notably the Egyptian owned Nile News Channel, the Associated Press, and Al Jazeera Mubasher.

Ibrahim was first targeted following his return with his family from Doha to spend his annual vacation, his passport was withdrawn by the security services at Burj Al Arab Airport. Then he was asked to go to the National Security headquarters to obtain the passport, which finally happened after several visits to the headquarters of the National Security. Ibrahim tried to travel again but he was prevented and his passport was withdrawn a second time.

The second time, he went to the National Security headquarters several times for 13 months, and then decided to travel in February 2020, the time he was arrested.

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