Safaa Al-Korbigi

Date of arrest: 20 April 2022

Case No.: 441 of 2022 (Supreme State Security Prosecution)

Legal status: Remanded in custody

Safaa Al-Korbigi is a journalist who has been working as an editorial secretary for the Radio and Television magazine for years. She is a person of determination, as she suffers from an 85% movement disability in one foot and knee effusion in the other. She is a member of the Journalists Syndicate.

On 20 April 2022, Al-Korbigi was arrested in the Mokattam neighborhood in Cairo, where she lives with her mother. She remained in the police car for long hours until the medical report on her condition was completed. She was then transferred to the prison, which affected her due to her health condition, according to lawyer Hala Douma.

Al-Korbigi was brought before the Supreme State Security Prosecution a day after her arrest. The prosecution investigated her and remanded her in custody pending investigation into Case No. 441 of 2022 (Supreme State Security Prosecution). The prosecution charged her with joining a banned group and promoting its ideas and spreading false news. She was then taken to the Qanater prison.

During the investigation, the prosecution faced Al-Korbigi with “live” videos posted on her personal Facebook page as exhibits. These videos had to do with the protest movement in the state-run Radio and Television building (Maspero) against the National Media Authority (NMA).

In addition to her detention, Al-Korbigi was dismissed from her job three months before her arrest on the grounds that she was taking sick leave, without receiving any warnings from the magazine regarding her absence from work, according to Al-Korbigi’s statements to the Egyptian Observatory for Press and Media. Al-Korbigi is subject to Article 62 of the Executive Regulations of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Law No. 10 of 2018, which states: “The worker may carry out work remotely, after obtaining the approval of the competent authority and without the need for the worker to be present in the workplace, provided that the competent administrative authority is informed of the complete data it requires from workers who are subject to the remote work system.”

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