Mohamed Fawzy

Date of arrest: 15 May 2022

Case No. 440 of 2022 (Supreme State Security Prosecution)

Legal status: Remanded in custody

Mohamed Fawzy Mosaad is an Egyptian photojournalist working for Eldyar newspaper. He lives in the Haram district in Giza.

A police force arrested Mosaad from his home, after they searched it. He disappeared for 14 days, as the police station in his neighbourhood denied his presence or the issuance of an arrest warrant for him.

Mosaad appeared before the Supreme State Security Prosecution in the Fifth Settlement for the first time on 29 May 2022, in connection with Case No. 440 of 2022 (Supreme State Security Prosecution). He faced charges of spreading false news, joining a terrorist group, and misusing social media.

The State Security Prosecution faced Mosaad with several posts from his Facebook page, including a post criticizing the Egyptian family’s breakfast party (a presidential social initiative aimed to boost dialogue among various segments of society) and the failure to pardon all those involved in Hossam Mu’nis case, and another post about the martyred Palestinian journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh, according to Mosaad’s lawyer.

The photojournalist was previously arrested in December 2018, when he was brought before the Supreme State Security Prosecution 14 days after his arrest, in connection with Case No. 1739 of 2018 (Supreme State Security), in which he faced the same charges he is facing in the current case. He remained in custody for nearly 14 months, until the Third Circuit “terrorism” of the Criminal Court ruled in February 2020 to release him under precautionary measures that required him to go to the police station three times a week.

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