AFTE’s Newsletter: October 2022

Date : Tuesday, 1 November, 2022

In October, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) monitored the state and problems of freedom of thought and expression in Egypt. Through its various units’ activities, AFTE issued statements and reports that take a deeper look at some of the issues of freedom of thought and expression currently raised and provided legal aid in cases related to freedom of thoughts and expression.

1. Publications: 

In this paper “Who owns information?, we seek to highlight the importance of access to information law and show how it correlates with the right to life and protection from torture. Especially With The National Human Rights Strategy launched by President Abdel Fattah Alsisi which highlighted the need to issue a law on access to Information and improve prison conditions.

2. Legal Aid: 

– South Zagazig Prosecution renews Mossab Arafat’s detention for 15 days
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews the detention of visual artist Amir Abdel Ghani for 15 days for “spreading false news”
– Criminal Court renews Hala Fahmy’s detention for 45 days
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Sherif El-Rouby’s detention for 15 days pending a new case after only three months of his release
– Lawyer Amr Nohan released under guarantee of his residence after 3 years in pretrial detention
– Mohamed Ashraf and Ismael Abou Zeid released under guarantee of their residence within the presidential pardon initiative
– Administrative Judiciary Court to adjudicate appeal against dismissing detainee student Omar Mohamed Ali from Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering on November 27
– Administrative Judiciary Court to examine the two lawsuits demanding broadcasting the sessions of the house of representatives and the Senate on December 25
– Singer El-Amir Fahim released under the guarantee of his residence
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews four students’ detention for 15 days; for participating in the “Batman of Helwan” event
– The Prosecution resumes its investigations with poet Amina Abdullah against accusations of contempt of religion
– Criminal Court renews academic Ahmed Al-Tohamy’s detention for 45 days; despite exceeding 2 years in pretrial detention

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression dismisses its secretary after being convicted of sexual harassment

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) has decided to permanently
dismiss its secretary Mohamed Sayed after he was convicted of sexually harassing two female employees in the organization, revealing his identity and the acts he committed. This comes in the implementation of the recommendations of the internal investigation committee and the gender expert of the organization. It also comes in accordance with AFTE’s Anti-Sexual Violence Policy which has been in place since April 2021. AFTE has also decided to deprive the convict of the severance payment for committing sexual harassment repeatedly, for more.

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