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About AFTE:

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) is a non-governmental organization. It has been registered in accordance with Egyptian law as a law firm since its establishment in 2006. It works on promoting and defending freedom of expression and freedom of information, based on the international charters and the Egyptian constitution. AFTE relies in its work on mechanisms of research, advocacy, monitoring, documentation and legal aid, targeting diverse groups of academics, students, journalists, innovators, politicians, legislators, and government officials.

AFTE’s production is characterized by diversity, as the Association provides alternative policies that comply with human rights principles, legislative analyses and draft laws, as well as monitoring reports and research papers that deal with the state of freedom of expression in Egypt. These publications fall under five main files: media freedom, digital rights, freedom of creativity, academic freedom and student rights, and freedom of information.


A state that protects the right to freedom of expression and freedom of information, where legislation, public policies, practices of state agencies, and judicial rulings are governed by respect for the principles of human rights, transparency and the rule of law.


Stopping human rights violations and promoting the right to freedom of expression and freedom of information at all levels, politically, socially and legally.


AFTE adopts a set of basic values, which form a governing framework for its various activities:

  • Freedom: AFTE defends individual and public liberties and believes that freedom is a basis for the progress of countries and the development of societies.
  • Solidarity: AFTE believes that human rights are universal in nature, and seeks to gain international solidarity with issues of freedom of expression in Egypt. It also demonstrates solidarity with every issue related to freedom of expression wherever it is.
  • Democracy: In its work, AFTE is committed to using mechanisms of participation at the level of proposing and developing action plans. AFTE has no political, religious or sectarian biases.
  • Transparency: AFTE is committed to working transparently and in accordance with the law, and provides basic information on its research methodologies and work regulations related to the target audience.
  • Justice: AFTE seeks to achieve justice for all those who have been subjected to human rights violations.

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