Mohamed Oxygen’s brother submits solicitation to the President of the Republic to release him

Date : Sunday, 13 November, 2022

Yesterday, the brother of Mohamed Oxygen submitted a solicitation to the President of the Republic through the Association for Freedom of Thoughts and Expression (AFTE) that presents the legal defense for Oxygen, requesting a presidential pardon for his brother, who faces a verdict issued by Emergency State Security Court to four years in prison, in connection with Case No. 1228 of 2021 (State Security Emergency Misdemeanour of the 5th Settlement). In which activist Alaa Abd El-Fatah and human rights lawyer Mohammed Al-Baqer are also convicted. 


The solicitation was based on Article 155 of the Egyptian Constitution, which stipulates “ The President of the Republic may issue a pardon or mitigate a sentence after consulting with the Cabinet. General amnesty may only be granted in a law, which is ratified by a majority of members of the House of Representatives”. During the last few months, several political prisoners were granted a presidential pardon, most notable of them was activist Ziad El-Eleimy; the presidential pardon committee also announced that several political prisoners will be released soon, aligning with receiving solicitations from their families to examine their case. 


Oxygen’s brother pointed out that his brother attempted suicide in August 2021; due to his continued pretrial detention and rotation into other cases while he is jail, and in February 2022, Oxygen’s mother passed away which worsened his psychological condition to the point of his reluctance to attend his mother’s funeral, and now his father suffers from a severe medical condition that requires him to be by his side.


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