AFTE’s Newsletter: April 2023

Date : Monday, 1 May, 2023

In April, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) monitored Egypt’s state and problems of freedom of thought and expression. Through its various units’ activities, AFTE issued its annual reports and signed several joint statements with other human rights organizations regarding the violations of the Uyghur minority in Egypt and the suffering of Badr Prison prisoners. These activities take a deeper look at the issues of freedom of thought and expression currently raised and provided legal aid to prisoners of conscience.


1. Publications

AFTE’s annual report sheds light on the state of freedom of expression in Egypt through five main categories: Digital rights,  Freedom of the press and media, Academic freedom and student rights, Freedom of creativity, and Right to peaceful assembly. It also documents violations in each category and provides recommendations in this regard.

2. Statements

AFTE condemned forcing the Medical Syndicate to delete its statement regarding the death incident of Dr. Ragai Wafai in prison due to willful negligence and his psychological and physical torture at a police station.

3. Joint Statements

AFTE and other human rights organizations condemned the Egyptian government for its relentless campaign against immigrants and students from the Uyghur minority in Egypt, after student Bilal Abdul Karim was arbitrarily arrested without any proven accusation.
In a new escalation of violations against prisoners in Badr prisons, the security forces arrested Mrs. Neamatallah Hesham, wife of human rights lawyer Mohamed El Baqer after she spoke of the physical torture and abuse of her husband, political activist Ahmed Doma, r, journalist Muhammad Oxygen, and political activist Hamid Siddiq by the prison warden and his assistants. AFTE and ten other human rights organizations presented several demands to the Egyptian authorities in a joint statement.



4. Legal Aid


– The Prosecution dismisses AFTE’s request to reopen investigation into Ayman Hadhoud’s death incident
– After a year in pretrial detention; Criminal Court renews El-Hussaini Farghaly’s detention for 45 days for posting videos about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
– Criminal Court renews Ahmed Moussa Abdel Khaleq’s detention for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews journalist Hamdy Elzaeem’s detention for 45 days despite exceeding the maximum period in pretrial detention
– Administrative Judicial Court to examine AFTE’s appeal against head of acting professions syndicate for refusing to register Ayman Elsayed on July 2
– Criminal Court renews the detention of four students for 45 days; for participating in the “Batman of Helwan” event
– Criminal Court renews the detention of journalist Tawfiq Ghanem for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Amr Abdel-Moneim’s detention for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Moataz Bellah Hasab Elnaby’s detention for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Mohamed Abdel Aal Abou El-Dahab’s detention for 45 days
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Hamed Sedeek’s detention for 15 days pending his second case
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews the detention of two content creators Ahmed Tarek “Chocolata” and Basma Hegazy “Warda” for 15 days for posting sarcastic video
– After being arrested from Cairo International Stadium, Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Ahmed Abou El-Rous and Ali Othman for 15 days
– State Commissioners Authority to look into AFTE’s appeal against Helwan University after refraining from hiring faculty graduate as teaching assistant for lack of security approval
– After arresting him for posting about poor living conditions; Criminal Court renews Mohamed Abou Mandour’s detention for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Ahmed Oraby’s detention for 45 days against Facebook posts

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