AFTE’s Newsletter: July 2023

Date : Tuesday, 1 August, 2023
In July, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) monitored Egypt’s state and problems of freedom of expression. Through its various units’ activities, as AFTE  issued reports and signed a joint statement with other human rights organizations. These activities take a deeper look at the issues of freedom of expression currently raised and provided legal aid to prisoners of conscience.  



1. Publications

In this paper, AFTE sheds light on the violations that academics and students face aimed at completely controlling academic and student rights and freedoms inside and outside universities. These violations also aim to eliminate the independence of universities, the independence of decision-making, and the universities’ participation in public affairs and political life in general. These violations included interferences by the executive authorities and the security services in administrative affairs and the selection of university leaders, the restriction of academic freedom, and the violation of student rights by eliminating the student movement in Egypt and the impact it had in demanding student regulations that represent university students and safeguard their rights and freedom.

The “Imprisonment and abuse.. The legacy of the families and relatives of Egyptian dissidents living abroad and at home” report is based primarily on seven testimonies from a number of Egyptian political opposition figures and human rights defenders residing outside and inside Egypt about the imprisonment and targeting of their families because of their political or human rights activities. The report relied further on a number of testimonies published on social media, as well as human rights statements and news published in this regard.

2. Joint Statements

AFTE and other international and local human rights organizations condemn, in a joint statement, the three-year prison sentence handed down to human rights researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) and academic Patrick George Zaki for his writings highlighting the hardship and discrimination faced by Coptic Christians in Egypt. the sentence was later annulled.

3. Legal Aid

– Criminal Court renewed the detention of translator Marwa Arafa, who’s been detained for more than 3 years, for extra 45 days
–  Despite spending more than 3 years in pre-trial detention, Cairo Criminal Court renewed journalist Karim Ebrahim’s detention for extra 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Moataz Bellah Hasab Elnaby’s detention for 45 days against Facebook posts
– After exceeding a year in pretrial detention; Criminal Court renews Hala Fahmy’s detention for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Khaled Galal’s detention for 45 days
–  AFTE files a lawsuit on behalf of Ghada Ehab against the acting professions syndicate for refusing to register her in the syndicate without giving reasons
–  Supreme State Security Prosecution renewed the detention of two Al-Ahly football club fans, Ahmed Shaker Abou Elrous, and Ali Othman Ali, for 15 days
–  Criminal Court renewed the detention of poet Galal Al-Behairi, who’s been detained for 5 years, for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Mohamed Abdel Aal Abou El-Dahab’s detention for 45 days
–  Criminal Court renews Mohamed Raafat Nasr’s detention for 45 days
–  Criminal Court renews Mohamed Amer Abdel Aziz’s detention for 45 days
–  After being physically assaulted; Criminal Court renews Ahmed Oraby’s detention for 45 days
– Criminal Court renewed the detention of Zamalek Football Club fan Mohamed Abdul Latif for 45 days
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Dr. Hany Soliman’s detention for 15 days against opinion articles
– After being referred to the disciplinary council for demanding her husband’s release, the Higher Technological Institute adjourns Manar Al-Tantawy’s disciplinary hearing to August 8
– Administrative Judiciary Court to examine AFTE’s appeal against the acting professions syndicate on August 6
– Criminal Court renews Sherif Elrouby’s detention for 45 days despite deterioration of his health condition, and the prison refused to dispense his medications
– Criminal Court renewed Nour Fayez Ebrahim’s detention for 45 days Because of discussions about monotheistic religions

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