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Renewing the Detention of “Ayman Abdel Moaty Abdel Rasol” for 45 Days Pending Investigations

8 June 2021

The Third Circuit (Criminal / Terrorism), had decided at Thursday’s session June 8, 2021, to renew the detention of “Ayman Abdel Moaty Abdel Rasol” for 45 days pending case No. 880 of 2020.

With charges of joining a terrorist group, participating in demonstrations, spreading false news, and using a social media website for that purpose.

It should be noted that he was arrested regarding the demonstrations of September 20 last year.

21 March 2021

The third circuit (Criminal / Terrorism) decided at the meeting held on 21 March 2021, to renew the detention of “Badr Ragab Darwish”, “Ahmed Hosny Mohamed”, “Sayed Ali Abdel-Aal”, and “Ayman Moaty Andel-Rasol”, for 45 days pending investigations in case No. 880 of 2020.

The prosecution charged them with joining a terrorist group with knowledge of its purposes, Using social media with the aim of spreading false news, Financing a terrorist group, Participating in rallies, Spreading and broadcasting false news and statements, And assaulting public officials.

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