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Allowing the Appeal and Releasing on 5000 EGP Bail of Student “Ahmed Khaled El-Toukhy”, and the Prosecution Didn’t Appeal

21 March 2021

The third circuit of Benha criminal court decided to allow the appeal of the student “ Ahmed Khaled El-Toukhy” and releasing him on bail of 5000 EGP, and the prosecution did not appeal, in Case No. 532 of 2021 Shebin El-Qanater, in which he was charged with joining a terrorist group founded against the law aiming to destabilize and disturb public security.

It’s also notable that the student had been in pretrial detention since 12 January 2021, where he headed to the national security premises, on 26 September 2020 based on a phone summon, and he didn’t appear until 12 January 2021, and it was mentioned otherwise in the police report, he was arrested after making ambushes near his house to capture him.

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