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Allowing the Appeal of Student “Gamal Abdel-Hakim Farahat” to Amend a 5-year Heavy Prison Sentence to a 5-year Imprisonment

8 March 2021

Circuit “Monday D” of cassation court, decided at its meeting held in the supreme court, on Monday 8 March 2021 to allow the appeal No. 3594 of Judicial year of 88, filed by the student “Gamal Abdel-Hakim Farahat”, by amending a 5-year heavy prison sentence to a 5-year imprisonment.

The student was arrested from his house, located in Zagazig, Al-Sharkia governorate, on May 2017, and at the same year on November 22, the criminal court of Zagazig sentenced him to 5 years heavy prison, after charging him with promoting ideologies of terrorist groups and incitement against state institutions through social media orally and written, in case No. 1692 of 2017

Notably, that AFTE issued a paper entitled “Gamal Abdel-Hakim… a prisoner without a crime”, the paper is based on the legal analysis of Case No. 1692 of 2017, which on its impact the student activist was imprisoned.

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