Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression

AFTE Files Lawsuit on behalf of “Walid Mohamed Hamid Aqlan” to Support the Decision to Designate his Residence as Place of Probation.

19 April 2021

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression filed today, April 19, 2020, case No. 44623 of 75 BC, before the Administrative Court of the First Circuit, on behalf of “Walid Mohamed Hamid Aqlan”, against both Minister of Interior (in his capacity), Head of Giza security directorate (in his capacity), and Chief of Bulaq Dakrour police station (in his capacity).

To appeal the provision of the administration authority to refrain from designating his residence as a place of probation, instead of designating the Bulaq Dakrour police station as a place of probation.
A hearing has not yet been set to consider the urgent part, as the appeal included a request to suspend the implementation of the appealed decision pending the decision on the merits of the lawsuit.

It is noteworthy that, Cairo Criminal Court had previously issued a default judgment against “Walid Mohamed Hamid Aqlan”, with five years imprisonment with work and execution, in Case No. 5976 of 2013, the New Felonies of Heliopolis, known as “El-Ethadia events” filed under No. 7278 of 2013 East Cairo, in which he’s accused of participating in a gathering, displaying force, destroying public properties, and assaulting a public official during and because of the performance of their work, before the sentence was reduced to three years.

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