AFTE’s weekly legal bulleting (16: 23 October 2022) | Amr Nohan and two other defendants were released; Administrative Judiciary Court to adjudicate the appeal against dismissing detainee student Omar Mohamed Ali from Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering on November 27

Date : Monday, 24 October, 2022

The Prosecutions 

October 16 hearings: 


The Supreme State Security decided to release lawyer Amr Nohan under the guarantee of his place of residence in connection with Case No. 741 of 2019 (Supreme State Security Prosecution). After more than three years of pretrial detention. 


Nohan was arrested on June 2018, he faced charges of joining a terrorist group and spreading false news.


The Supreme State Security also decided to release both Mohamed Ashraf and Ismael Abou Zeid, under the guarantee of their place of residence, in connection with Case No. 41 of 2022 (State Security).

Security forces arrested Ashraf and Abou Zeid against the backdrop of posting a sarcastic video on Tiktok. They faced charges of joining a terrorist group, spreading false news, and inciting a terrorist act.


On October 18, South Cairo Prosecution decided to release the poet Amina Abdullah on a bail of 5,000 Egyptian pounds, pending report No. 80 of 2022, registered under No. 37 of 2022.

This comes against a report that a lawyer submitted against Amina, accusing her of contempt of religion and taking god’s name in vain in her divan “girls for pain,” which was published in 2019.


State Council Courts

The Administrative Judiciary Court (Sixth Circuit Educational) set November 27 as a date to adjudicate appeal No. 57029 of 74 filed on behalf of student Omar Mohamed Ali against the Minister of Education and the Dean of Thebes Higher Institute for engineering in their capacity challenging the decision to dismiss him from Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering.


The appeal was filed after Ali has been dismissed from Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering, as Ali submitted several requests to the Institute’s administration to be able to continue his studies before he was permanently dismissed for dropping out of studies, despite him going through compelling conditions represented in being detained in connection with Case No. 174 of 2015 (West Cairo Military Felonies)


On October 23, the Administrative Judiciary Court decided to adjourn the examination hearing of the two lawsuits filed by AFTE against the House of Representatives (No. 46322 of 75) and the Senate (46319 of 75) speakers in their capacity challenging the negative decision not to broadcast the sessions of the house of representatives and the Senate to next December 25 for pleading. 


The Court also dismissed AFTE’s lawyer’s request to obtain a certificate from the official gazette to indicate if the sessions of the Senate and the House of Representatives are published in the Official Gazette.

The two lawsuits were filed on May 2021 to guarantee public oversight over MPs, to inform citizens of the MPs’ performance and political opinions, and the different positions of political parties.


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