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  • Updates of those who were arrested in the protests of September 20, 2020, into Case No. 880 of 2020 and Case No. 960 of 2020.

Updates of those who were arrested in the protests of September 20, 2020, into Case No. 880 of 2020 and Case No. 960 of 2020.

Publish Date : Wednesday, 23 September, 2020
Last Update : Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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The Supreme State Security Prosecution investigated with those who were arrested during the events of September 20, 2020, and decided to detain them for 15 days pending investigations into Case No. 880 of 2020 and Case No. 960 of 2020. Supreme State Security.

The prosecution accused them with several accusations, among them, “joining a terrorist group knowing its objectives, financing that terrorist group, using an account on social media with the aim of publishing and broadcasting fake news, participating in assembling, spreading fake news and information, and offenses against public officials”.

AFTE provides legal aid to the defendants, who mentioned in the following list, which includes Case No. 880 of 2020 and Case No. 960 of 2020.

The defendants in Case No. 880 of 2020

  1. The child, Abdul Rahman Muhammad Sayed, was placed in a care home for days pending investigations.
  2. Ali Deeb
  3. Reda Badawi Nady Abdullah
  4. Mohamed Zaki Mohamed Ahmed
  5. Mohamed Mahmoud Moawad
  6. Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Tawab
  7. Abdul Rahman Ramadan Abdul Moneim Syed
  8. Ragab Saleh Moussa Hassan
  9. Arafa Ramadan Sulaiman
  10. Ahmed Ezz El Din Qarni Hussain
  11. Sayed Abu Zaid Imam Othman
  12. Ragab Hosny Mohamed
  13. Ahmed Soso Ahmed Ragab
  14. Islam Abdul Aziz Muhammad Kamel
  15. Moaz Hossam El Din Elsayed
  16. Ahmed Adel Abdul Hamid Muhammad
  17. Mohamed Hosny Mohamed Mahmoud
  18. Ahmed Hosny Mohamed Mahmoud
  19. Adel Sabry Ghamry Abdel Mohsen
  20. Mahmoud Sabry Ghamry Abdel Mohsen
  21. Mohamed Adel Mohamed Mahmoud
  22. Karam Saad Ahmed Khalil
  23. Mahmoud Saber Saad Shehata
  24. Abdul Maged Salah Abdul Maged Hussain
  25. Ahmed Mahmoud Abdel Mageed Abdel Zahir
  26. Osama Mohamed Mahmoud Farrag
  27. Badr Ragab Moaqil Darwish
  28. Abdul Rahman Saeed Juma Ahmed
  29. Hamed Hosny Hamed Hassanein
  30. Mahmoud Nagy Mahmoud Suleiman
  31. Mohammed Ragab Abdel Halim
  32. Ahmed Mohammed Bakr Ahmed
  33. Saad Nabil Saeed Mohammed
  34. Mohammed Ahmed Syed Ahmed
  35. Hamada Abdul Rashid Hassan Mohammed
  36. gamal Hosni Ahmed Mohamed
  37. Mahmoud Yousry Abdel Azim ElSayed
  38. Islam Samir Mohammed Ragab
  39. Ahmed Saeed Jumaa Merdash
  40. Ahmed Rabie Ahmed
  41. Mohamed Hosny Shehata Rizk
  42. Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Abdul Ghani Abdul Baqi
  43. Ahmed Khalaf Mohamed Abdel Tawab
  44. Walid Suleiman Abdel Moneim Suleiman
  45. Abdullah Fathy Abdullah
  46. Sayed Eid Nassar
  47. Mahmoud Ahmed Rajab
  48. Rabee Mahmoud Abdul Qawi
  49. Abdulrahman Syed Abdulrahman
  50. Mohammed Ahmed Abdel Tawab
  51. Ragab Muhammad Ibrahim
  52. Mahmoud Saber Hussein
  53. Ahmed Saad Eid
  54. Hassan Hamed Muhammad
  55. Ayman Abdel Mawjoud Abdel Rahman
  56. Mohammed Samir Mohamed Abdel Halim
  57. Muhammad Ramadan Ibrahim
  58. Amr Ibrahim Beltagy
  59. Saeed Abaza
  60. Ahmed Saad Ahmed
  61. Sayed Reda Ahmed
  62. Hassan Sayed Hassan
  63. Mustafa Mohamed Mahmoud
  64. Abdul Rahman Emad Moussa
  65. Mohammed Ahmed Tawfiq
  66. Fahd Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar
  67. Ahmed Abdullah Abdul Zahir
  68. Mohammed Abdullah Abdul Zahir
  69. Tariq Saeed Mahmoud
  70. Ahmed Nabil Hazeen
  71. Magdy Ragab Abdel Hafez
  72. Mohamed Fouad Khalil
  73. Mohamed Sobhy Elsayed
  74. Maher Ibrahim Abdo
  75. Mohammed Hashem Khalaf
  76. Essam Mahmoud Ibrahim
  77. Moawad Ahmed Ali
  78. Mohammed Abdul Raouf Khalaf
  79. Ahmed Mohamed Khalaf
  80. Jamal Faisal AbdulBari
  81. Bassam Abdel Hadi Ibrahim
  82. Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Rashid
  83. Hamdy Muhammad Ali
  84. Hassab Allah Thabet Abdul Latif
  85. Gamal Abdul Latif Saleh
  86. Walid Muhammad Sarhan
  87. Mohammed Hassan Shawky
  88. Badr Abdel Tawab Ali
  89. Ali Mahmoud Ismail
  90. Islam Khalaf Muhammad
  91. Walid Mohammad Ali Mohammad
  92. Ahmed Mahmoud Mahmoud Nawar
  93. Islam Gamal Mohammed Abdel Wahab
  94. Abdulrahman Yasser Mohammad
  95. Ahmed Taha Ali
  96. Amr Hassan Shawky
  97. Mohammad Faris Yassin
  98. Nasser Goma Bashir
  99. Mohammed Ibrahim Rabie
  100. Hassan Ahmed Abdel Fadil
  101. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Hamid
  102. Osama Mohamed Mahmoud
  103. Ismail Hassanein Ahmed
  104. Ramadan Hassanein Ahmed Ismail
  105. Abu Al Saud Mahmoud Fadl
  106. Youssef Shaaban Mahmoud Fadl
  107. Hamada Mahmoud Fadl
  108. Khaled Ismail Ali Ismail

The defendants in Case No. 960 of 2020

  1. Sabry Mohammed Abdullah
  2. Alaa Abdel Khaleq Abdel Khaleq Mustafa
  3. Abdel Fattah Samy Abdel Fattah Ibrahim
  4. Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Lashin
  5. Essam Saeed Gebeily
  6. Ayman Ibrahim Hussein Hassan Al-Shaer
  7. Antar Araby Ibrahim Mohammed
  8. Khwailid Abdul-Sami Abdul-Baqi
  9. Hany Shawky Fahmy
  10. Muhammad Nasir Ali
  11. Mustafa Maher Hassan
  12. Sherif Mohamed Azmy
  13. Muhammad Karim Omran
  14. Hassan Shehata Badrawi
  15. Saber Fathy Ali
  16. Omran Muhammad Ali
  17. Abdul Mageed Hamdy Shehata
  18. Ahmed Shehata Abdel Halim
  19. Ahmed Prince Hussein
  20. Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdullah
  21. Haitham Essam Tawfiq
  22. Ramadan Al-Sayed Muhammad
  23. Karim Al-Sayed Saad
  24. Mohammed Al-Sayed Saad
  25. Mahmoud Tariq Hussein

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