AFTE’s Weekly Legal Bulletin (ِAugust 1 : August 8, 2021)

Date : Sunday, 8 August, 2021

Renewing the detention of “Nour Al-Din Shaker,” Releasing “Mostafa Zaghloul,” and Appealing against the refusal to grant Dr. Manar Al-Tantawi her professorship

The Legal Bulletin covers the lawsuits in which AFTE provides the necessary legal aid, in accordance with AFTE’s framework.

Criminal Courts

The Council Chamber of The Criminal Court renewed the detention of  “Nour Al-Din Shaker” for 45 days pending Case No. 65 of 2021, Supreme State Security, on Sunday, August 1, 2021. It should be noted that “Nour Al-Din” was arrested from his house in Assiut on June 23, 2020, against the background of joining “White Nights Ultras,” he was included in Case No. 751 of 2020 after being subjected to enforced disappearance for 27 days, and in February 2021, he was recycled pending the current case.

And pending the same case, The Third Terrorism Circuit decided to release “Mostafa Zaghloul” with precautionary measures, and in 2018, Tanta Criminal Court sentenced him to three years in prison pending Case No. 708 of 2018, and in last February after serving his sentence, he was detained in an unknown place and recycled pending Case No. 65 of 2021, Supreme State Security.

State Council Courts

 The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression and Arabic Network for Human Rights Information have filed the appeal No. 61520 of 75, on behalf of Dr. Manar Al-Tantawy against both The Minister of Higher Education and the Dean of the Higher Technological Institute in the 10th of Ramadan City, appealing the negative decision not to grant her a professorship, despite fulfilling all the technical and procedural conditions, for political reasons regarding being the wife of the former prisoner of conscience and journalist “Hisham Jaafar.”

Notably, she previously had assumed the position as the department’s head for a year and abdicated it temporarily due to her health condition, and when she requested to be enabled back to her position, her request was rejected by the Dean of the Institute, and the arbitrary measures against her have been continued until now, represented in being under investigation by the institute’s legal investigator on charges of offending the institute in the media, and neglecting her request in her legal right to head the department.

AFTE and Seven human rights organizations demanded an end to the crackdown practiced against her

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