Yasmine Abdel Razek


In the last week of July 2021, an Alexandria police force arrested TikTok influencer Yasmine Abdel Razek El-Fouly, known in local media as the “Hohos girl,” and her videographer, Osama, on charges of posting videos violating the public morals and values. Several lawsuits were filed against Abdel Razek. One of these was filed by lawyer Ashraf Farahat, who targeted several female content creators on social media as part of a campaign called “purification of society.” His lawsuit, No. 85101, was submitted to the public prosecutor’s technical office.

A day after her arrest, Abdel Razek was brought before the West Alexandria Prosecution, which accused her of inciting immorality, infringing on public morals, misuse of social media, and posting indecent videos to make a profit. She was remanded in custody for 4 days pending investigation, and her phone and bank visa card were seized.

In August 2021, the West Alexandria Prosecution referred Abdel Razek and her friend to the Economic Court in Alexandria, which on 18 September sentenced her to 3 years in prison and ordered her to pay a fine of 200,000 pounds.

The Economic Misdemeanors Court of Appeal in Alexandria reduced Abdel Razzaq’s prison sentence to two years and a fine instead of three years

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