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The Supreme State Security Prosecution accuses Ahmed Samir Santawy of financing a terrorist group

23 February 2021

The Supreme State Security Prosecution completed the investigation with Ahmed Samir and charged him with financing a terrorist group, without clarifying what this group is and what Santawy’s relationship with it is.

Ahmed Samir Santawy complained that he was placed in incommunicado since his entry into Liman Tora Prison, and there is no equipment was entered for him, or that he was allowed to purchase from the prison canteen, despite his family depositing money in the prison canteens.

AFTE calls on the Ministry of Interior to enable Santawy’s family to visit him, to allow him to enter his clothes and personal necessities, and to enable him to use the prison canteen. AFTE also renews its request to the Public Prosecution to release Santawy so that he can complete his studies.

17 February 2021

The Supreme State Security Prosecution renewed the detention of researcher Ahmed Samir Santawy, today, for 15 days, in a paper procedure, and without the presence of Santawy from his detention in  Liman Tora Prison.

It is noteworthy that since March 2020, the Supreme State Security Prosecution has been renewing the detention of the defendants without their presence from their detention places or enabling them to contact their lawyers.

ِAFTE calls upon the Public Prosecutor, Hamada El-Sawy, to issue a decision to release the researcher Ahmed Samir so that he can continue his studies at the Central European University (CEU) in Austria.

6 February 2021

The Super State Security Prosecution has completed the investigation with the researcher “Ahmed Samir” in Case No. 65 of 2021, and decided to detain him precautionary detention for 15 days pending investigations. Santawy is facing the charges of “joining a terrorist group with prior knowledge of its objectives, broadcasting false news aimed at disrupting security and public order, and using an account on Facebook for the purpose of spreading false news.”

The researcher “Ahmed Samir” had been detained in the Fifth Settlement Police station on February 1, after he was summoned by the National Security, and he remained detained, with a permission issued by the Supreme State Security Prosecution, until his presence before the prosecution today.

The prosecution confronted researcher Ahmed Samir Santawy with some screenshots of posts on Facebook, and Santawy denied his connection to these posts and the account attributed to him.
Santawy’s defense requested an investigation into the ill-treatment of the researcher Ahmed Samir Santawy during his detention, and the defense team requested that he be referred to the forensic medicine office to prove the violations he had suffered.

It is noteworthy that the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression issued a press statement calling on the Ministry of Interior to disclose the place of detention of the researcher Ahmed Samir and to release him immediately, and AFTE renews its request for his release, and to close the investigations with him, due to its reliance on non-serious evidence.

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