AFTE’s Weekly legal bulletin (23: 30 July 2023)| The detention of Dr. Hany Soliman and two other defendants was renewed, and Manar Al-Tantawy’s disciplinary hearing was adjourned to August 8

Date : Sunday, 30 July, 2023

The Supreme State Security Prosecution 

July 26 hearings: 


The Supreme State Security Prosecution renewed the detention of the 67 years old Dr. Hany Soliman for 15 days pending investigations of case No. 508 of 2023 (Supreme State Security Prosecution).

After sharing several articles on his Facebook profile criticizing the current regime, the security forces arrested Soliman from his house; and he was later accused of joining a terrorist group, spreading false news, and using a social media account to spread the false news.


The Supreme State Security Prosecution also renewed the detention of two Ahly football club fans, Ahmed Shaker Abou Elrous, and Ali Othman Ali, for 15 days, pending investigations of lawsuit No. 508 of 2023 (Supreme State Security).

Security forces arrested Abou Elrous and Othman from Cairo International Stadium on April 5; they were detained for two days at Nasr City police station before they were interrogated before the Supreme State Security Prosecution, which accused them of joining a terrorist group, committing one of the crimes of financing a terrorist group, spreading false news and statements that may harm security and public order, and using an account on social media to spread the false information for a terrorist purpose.


Universities’ Disciplinary Councils


On July 25, the Disciplinary Council of the Teaching Staff at the Higher Technological Institute in the 10th of Ramadan City decided to adjourn the disciplinary hearing of Manar Al-Tantawy, the institute’s head of the mechanical engineering department, to August 8.


Al-Tantawy was referred to two different disciplinary councils, one of them was due to her participation in a satellite channel, in which she called for the release of her husband, journalist Hisham Gaafar, and the disciplinary board decided to punish Al-Tantawi by deducting 15 days from her salary. And the other because she allowed some employees to take a vacation.


The events date back to when Al-Tantawy asked for her legal right to chair the Mechanical Engineering Department and the consequent material and moral rights as the most senior assistant professor within the department. Nevertheless, her request was rejected by the Dean of the Institute, considering being the wife of the former prisoner of conscience and journalist Hisham Gaafar, even though she had previously assumed the position and abdicated temporarily due to her health conditions in October 2020.


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