AFTE’s Weekly Legal Bulletin (28 January: 4 February 2024)| The detention of 5 accused people was renewed, including Marwa Arafa and Mohamed Saad, and the Administrative Judiciary Court will issue its verdict in the case filed by AFTE against dismissing student Omar Ali

Date : Sunday, 4 February, 2024

28 January sessions

The Administrative Judiciary Court

The Administrative Judiciary Court will issue its verdict on 10th of March in the case no. 57029 of 74 filed by AFTE against the decision of Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering to permanently dismiss student Omar Mohamed Ali for dropping out of studies. 

The defense filed a request on November 6 to postpone the hearing session, awaiting the statement of military prosecution, indicating the student’s imprisonment and duration. This occurred after the court insisted the previous time to issue a rule without waiting for the statement. The student’s defense saw that this would lead to the rejection of the appeal, so it decided to request postponing the hearing pending the Military Public Prosecutor’s letter to the prosecution to approve the implementation of the Administrative Judiciary Court’s permit.

Omar is spending his eighth year in detention after he was sentenced to 25 years in prison on February 7th, 2016. Since then, he has been trying to continue his studies at Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering, Architecture Engineering department, as he was arrested while enrolled in the third year. 


30 January sessions

Criminal Court


  • The Criminal Court (Third Circuit) renewed the detention of Mohamed Ahmed Saad for 45 days, pending investigations of lawsuit No. 930 of 2019 (Supreme State Security), known in the media as “the Alliance of Hope lawsuit.” which included a large number of political activists, Although he didn’t participate in any political activity.
    Saad exceeded the legal period of pretrial detention stipulated in the law, as he was arrested from inside the examination hall at the Faculty of Commerce at Al-Azhar University on May 17, 2019, he appeared before the Prosecution on July 1. Saad faces accusations of joining a terrorist group, financing this group, spreading false news and information, and using a social media account to spread false news.
  • The Criminal Court (Third Circuit) renewed the detention of Amir Sayed Mohamed and Reyad Mohamed Abdel Rahaman for 45 days, pending investigations of lawsuit No. 744 of 2023 (Supreme State Security).
    Although Amir and Reyad are Zamalek football club fans, the prosecution accused them of joining a terrorist group, Ultras Ahlawy, and spreading false news and information that would harm public security and order.
    Security forces arrested Amir and Reyad on May 3 from the DownTown district in Cairo, and security forces detained them without legal basis and in an unknown location for eight days before presenting them before the prosecution.
  • The Criminal Court (Third Circuit) decided to extend the detention of translator and political activist, Marwa Arafa, for 45 days, pending investigations of lawsuit No. 570 of 2020 (Supreme State Security).
    Arafa has been detained in connection with this lawsuit since April 2020, despite the lack of legal justifications for her continued imprisonment as the Criminal Procedure Code stipulates that the period of pretrial detention must not exceed two years, after which release is mandatory.

The State Security Prosecution

The State Security Prosecution decided to renew the detention of teacher Ahmed Muhammad Tolba Abdul Hamid for 15 days, pending investigation in Case No. 2333 of 2023 (State Security Issue).

The prosecution accused Tolba, a teacher from Sharqia Governorate, of participating in an illegal gathering and joining a terrorist group.

He was arrested on October 15, 2023, in front of the Ministry of Education in the Administrative Capital, while participating in a protest against excluding him from appointment in the 30,000 teachers competition.

Two days after his arrest, the prosecution began investigating him, before he was transferred to 10th of Ramadan Prison 6.


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