AFTE’s Newsletter: May 2024

Date : Monday, 10 June, 2024

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) shares with you the reports, statements, and joint statements it issued over the past month and campaign, in addition to the legal updates of lawsuits in which AFTE provides legal support to prisoners of conscience or to academics who were subjected to abuse and security prosecutions for expressing their opinions.

We always welcome any inquiries or clarifications from everyone through our social media platforms or via the following email: [email protected]



AFTE has published a new report that illuminates concerning violations during the 55th Cairo International Book Fair, such as the exclusion of publishing groups and the removal of books from shelves. More.


During May, AFTE released its Annual Report, “Silencing Egyptians in The New Republic,” on the State of Freedom of Expression in Egypt 2023. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the major political developments in 2023 and documents patterns of violations throughout the year. More



AFTE condemned in a statement the enforced disappearance of activist Mahmoud Mohamed, known as the “T-shirt detainee,” following the Ministry of Interior’s failure to enforce the release ruling issued on 23 April. The Head of El-Khanka Police Station informed the lawyers of Mahmoud Mohamed’s defense team that he was not detained at the station. After about a month, Mahmoud was released late in May. More.


AFTE issued a joint statement with 6 organizations about arresting Ahmed al-Tantawi after an Egyptian Court of Appeals upheld a sentence against him and 22 of his supporters to one year in prison. The statement mentioned that “Egyptian authorities regularly ensure that no political alternative can organize, develop, and present a challenge to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s rule.” More.  


A statement by The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) condemned the arrest of students Ziad Mohamed Bassiouni and Mazen Ahmed Draz, who were arrested and taken to an unknown location.

About a week after their arrest, the two students were presented to the prosecution, which ordered their detention pending investigations. For creating – in collaboration with several other students from different universities – a Facebook page titled “Students for Palestine.” More

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) signed a joint statement with Egyptian and international human rights organizations in which they called for the immediate and unconditional release of the prominent political activist Mohamed Adel, amid mounting concern over his cruel and inhuman detention conditions and denial of adequate medical care. More


Legal Aid

  • Misdemeanor Court Renews Mosque Servant Khaled Helmy’s Detention for Another 45 Days
  • After two years in prison, the Criminal Court renews Mohamed Amer Abdel Aziz’s detention for 45 days.
  • After a year in detention, the criminal court renewed the detention of two fans of Al-Ahly football club arrested from Cairo Stadium.
  • Criminal Court renews Sherif Ebrahim’s detention for 45 days over video insulting the Ministry of Interior.
  • Criminal Court renews Mohamed Abdo’s detention for 45 days over criticizing the president’s policies on TikTok.
  • Criminal Court renews a contractor’s detention for 45 days.
  • After more than 4 years in pretrial detention, the Criminal Court renews Hamed Sedeek’s detention.
  • Ahmed Abu Al-Saud’s Detention Renewed Despite Release of Colleagues in the Case
  • Poet Galal Al-Behairy’s Detention Renewed for 45 Days After More Than 5 Years of Pre-trial Detention
  • January Revolution Activist Ahmed Oraby’s Detention renewed for 45 Days
  • Omar Al-Hout Detained in New Case After Over a Decade in Pre-trial Detention
  • Criminal Court renews three defendants’ detention for 45 days against Facebook posts
  • Criminal Court Renews 7-Year Detention of Strong Egypt Party Vice-President, Mohamed Al-Qassas
  • Architect’s Detention Renewed for 45 Days Despite Exceeding 4 Years
  • Criminal Court Delays Journalist Hassan Al-Qabany’s Lawsuit to May 27th Over Absence of Prosecution Witness for Third Time
  • Administrative Court Suspends Ministry of Higher Education Lawsuit Against AFTE’s Ruling on Graduate Appointment as Teaching Assistant
  • Academic Ahmed Al-Tomahy’s Detention Renewed Despite Exceeding 3 Years in Pretrial Detention
  • Prosecution renews Muhammad Suleiman’s Detention for 15 Days
  • Prosecution Renews Detention of Muhammad Taha for 15 Days
  • Detention Renewed For Two Zamalek Fans Accused of Joining Al-Ahly Ultras
  • T-shirt Detainee Released Over a Month After Court Decision
  • Former Presidential Candidate Ahmed Al-Tantawy Arrested After Prison Sentence Upheld



On the anniversary of the #Nakba (15 May), AFTE demanded the release of prisoners of conscience in solidarity with the #Palestine in Egypt. Security forces have arrested over 122 individuals for their support, with many still detained. More

World Press Freedom Day- which marks 3 May- comes while Sudan suffers from media blockage that stifles information, in Lebanon and Palestine, where journalism is relentlessly targeted, and in Egypt, where journalists endure persecution and prolonged detention on fake cases. AFTE  launched a campaign defending #PressFreedom. More


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