AFTE’s Newsletter: March 2024

Date : Tuesday, 2 April, 2024

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) shares with you the statements it issued over the past month and campaign, in addition to the legal updates of lawsuits in which AFTE provides legal support to prisoners of conscience or to academics who were subjected to abuse and security prosecutions for expressing their opinions.

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The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) condemned the arbitrary detention of journalist Rana Mamdouh by Egyptian security forces on 10 March in Alameen City while she was en route to Ras El Hikma to do her job. The Egyptian authorities released Rana after hours in detainion. AFTE considered that arbitrary detention of Rana Mamdouh reflects ongoing efforts to suppress journalistic work. More

Legal Aid

  • Criminal Court postpones looking at the detention of a student at Al-Azhar University for a month after the hearing session could not be held
  • The hearing of the appeal of Ahmed Al-Tantawi and 22 members of his electoral campaign against their imprisonment ruling was postponed until the May 27 session to complete the pleadings
  • After more than one year in pre-trial detention Criminal Court renews the detention of rights lawyer Ahmed Nazeer El-Helw for 45 days
  • Criminal Court renews Amr Abdel-Moneim’s detention for 45 days despite exceeding the maximum period of pretrial detention
  • After more than 3 years in pre-trial detention Criminal court renews the detention of student Ahmed El-Toukhy for 45 days
  • Renewal of detention of activist Marwa Arafa continues despite exceeding 3 years in pretrial detention in violation of law
  • Criminal Court renews student Mohamed Saad’s detention for 45 days over Alliance of Hope lawsuit, despite exceeding 4 years in pretrial detention
  • Criminal Court renews the detention of two Zamalek football club fans accused of joining Al-Ahly football club ultras for 45 days
  • Criminal Court renews lawyer Saied Ali’s detention for 45 days
  • Criminal Court decided to renew the detention of Omar ElDahma for his participation in demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine for 45 days
  • Administrative Judiciary Court scheduled a sentencing hearing session on two lawsuits filed by AFTE demanding broadcasting of the sessions of the House of Representatives and the Senate for May 26 
  • The administrative judiciary returns the case of student Omar Ali’s appeal against dismiss him from the Taiba Higher Institute for pleading 
  • Releases of Muhammad Abu Al-Dahab under the guarantee of his place of residence
  • Supreme State Security renews Mahmoud Abo Sree’s detention for 15 days After he was arrested from Borg El Arab Airport while returning to visit his family
  • Criminal Court renews Mohamed Amer Abdel Aziz’s detention for 45 days
  • After more than 4 years in pretrial detention, Criminal Court renews Hamed Sedeek’s detention
  • The Criminal Court renews the detention of Tantawy’s presidential campaign Khaled Abd El-wahed 
  • Detention of two fans of Al-Ahly football club arrested from Cairo Stadium renewed
  • Criminal Court renews the detention of Ahmed Abostit for demonstrating in solidarity with Palestine for 45 days
  • Releases of Al Jazeera Mubasher’s journalist, Rabea Elsheikh after more than 2 years in pretrial detention 
  • Criminal Court renews the 7 years ongoing detention of Mohamed Al-Qassas, the Vice-President of the Strong Egypt Party
  • Release of employee Muhammad Abu Mandour after 1 year and half in detention
  • Mokattam Misdemeanor Court renewed the detention of mosque servant Khaled Helmy for 15 days pending a new case
  • Cairo Criminal Court reserves the lawsuit of journalist Hassan Al-Qabany on May 12 due to the absence of the prosecution witness



On International Women’s Day, which marks 8 March, AFTE launched a campaign to honor prominent women in civil society who were known for their memorable journeys to defend human rights and freedom of expression. Among them are Mahienour Al-Masry, Esraa Abdel Fattah, and journalist Lina Atallah.More

For the International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, which marks 24 March 2024, we shared some facts about the human rights situation in Egypt and the obstacles that the independent press faces in speaking such truth. More

Freedom of the Press is fundamental for practicing #HumanRights and is guaranteed by the #EgyptianConstitution. We wanted To express our reality free of Intimidation! 

In February, AFTE launched a campaign entitled #OwnYourVoice, in which it addressed these transformations. The campaign continued and ended in March. More


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