Quarterly Report on the State of Freedom of Expression in Egypt Third Quarter (July-September 2019)

Date : Tuesday, 26 November, 2019

Third: Recommendations on the protection of freedom of expression:

At the end of this report, AFTE makes a number of recommendations aiming to encourage local and international stakeholders to continue dialogue with the Egyptian authorities in order to commit to protecting freedom of expression and freedom of information. The recommendations are as follows:

  • The Egyptian authorities should immediately release those arrested in connection with the September demonstrations, including journalists, creators, university professors and political activists, and stop prosecuting citizens for expressing opinions opposing the current regime.
  • The Egyptian government should unblock websites, especially journalistic and news websites that were blocked in the wake of the September demonstrations, including Al Hurra and BBC.
  • The Supreme Council for Media Regulation should stop the interference of the security services in the material published in newspapers, which lead to the prevention of opinion articles.
  • The Syndicate of Musical Professions must ensure the freedom of creativity for all artists, stop its practices against “mahraganat” singers, and allow them to sing freely.


This report addressed the violations that occurred during the third quarter in 2019, on the level of freedom of expression files, and explained the political context witnessed by Egypt in this period, and its impact on the state of freedom of expression.

Through this periodic report, AFTE tries to encourage targeted groups of journalists, innovators, activists and academics to advocate for freedom of expression issues. The association also provides documented information on the state of freedom of expression to assist local and international organizations in their efforts to defend human rights.

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