Medhat Ramadan

Date of arrest: 28 May 2020

Legal status: Remanded in custody

Case No.: 680 of 2020 (Supreme State Security)

Medhat Ramadan Ali Barghouth is an Egyptian journalist born in the village of Delhamo, Ashmoun District, Menoufia Governorate. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Al-Azhar University. He worked for some news websites, the latest of which was Shababeek, specializing in the field of search engine optimization.

He was arrested from his family’s house in Menoufia on 28 May 2020. The security forces confiscated some of his personal belongings, including his laptop, according to his family. He had been missing for a month, and his family submitted reports to the Public Prosecution, the director of Menoufia Security, and the Ministry of Interior requesting to know his whereabouts, but they received no response.

Barghouth, who worked as a judicial news editor and wrote many reports on the Public Prosecution’s statements, appeared before the Supreme State Security Prosecution for the first time on 27 June 2020, in connection with Case No. 680 of 2020 (Supreme State Security). The prosecution charged him with joining a terrorist group with knowledge of its purposes, promoting its ideas online, and spreading false news.

The prosecution questioned Barghouth about several reports that he published on news websites.

Barghouth was detained at the National Security headquarters in Ashmoun from 28 May to 27 June 2020, then moved to Tora Prison on 28 September, where he has been held until now.

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