AFTE’s Newsletter: July 2022

Date : Monday, 1 August, 2022
During July, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) monitored the state and problems of freedom of thought and expression in Egypt. Through its various units’ activities, AFTE issued statements and reports that take a deeper look at some of the issues of freedom of thought and expression currently raised and provided legal aid in cases related to freedom of thoughts and expression.

1. Publications: 

Between rap and mahraganat, hostility towards contemporary music in Egypt paper discuss the legal and regulatory restrictions against rap and mahraganat singers, represented in bans, continued threats, and the requirement to obtain the Syndicate’s membership in order to practice music, continue at a time when this besieged music becomes more popular and spreads more widely.

2. Statements: 

AFTE issued the following statement in July:

AFTE calls on Public Prosecutor Hamada El-Sawy to immediately and unconditionally release Egyptian TV presenter Hala Fahmy, close investigations with her, stop all forms of abuse she is subjected to, and hold everyone involved in that abuse accountable. The National Media Authority (NMA) should ensure that Fahmy returns to her job without harassment or abuse.

3. Joint Statements: 

AFTE undersigned the following statements in July:

Coinciding with 11 years since the Council of Ministers’ decision was issued, human rights organizations demand a genuine and comprehensive closure of Case no. 173 of 2011, known as the “NGO Foreign Funding Case”, and all the consequent decisions that have deprived a number of advocates of their rights for over a decade, including by freezing their assets and banning them from travel.
Statement 36 organizations urge Egyptian authorities to end crackdown on civil society organizations and peaceful protests for a successful COP27 Where the organizations call on the Egyptian authorities to repeal restrictions on freedom of assembly, association and expression. 
Statement Public Prosecution called on to investigate the torture, medical negligence and assault of Douma and Santawy in Tora Prison where AFTE and six other human rights organizations condemn the assault incidents and medical neglect practiced on Ahmed Douma and Santawy that took place on July 19, inside Tura prison, and  call on the Public Prosecution to launch an urgent and immediate investigation into the aforementioned incidents. 
Three months following Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s decision to reactivate the Presidential Pardon Committee, Rights organizations send new list of prisoners to Presidential Pardon Committee and call on Egyptian government to resolve the prisoners’ file, where the list included 536 cases of detainees in Egyptian prisons.

4. Letters 

AFTE and 20 rights organizations sent an open letter to German Foreign Affairs Minister Baerbock and State Minister and Special Envoy Morgan, to press President al-Sisi, publicly and privately, to take prompt and effective measures to reopen civic space in Egypt ahead of the COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh and release all the arbitrarily detained individuals.

5. Legal Aid: 

– Misdemeanor Terrorism Court sets the case of student Abdel-Rahman El-Attar for adjudication on July 18 hearing 
– The Supreme State Security Prosecution renews journalist Mohamed Fawzy Mosaad’s detention for 15 days
– Administrative Judiciary Court to adjudicate Manar Al-Tantawy’s appeal on August 30
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Wessam Salah’s detention for 15 days
– For the sixth time; Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Tv presenter Hala Fahmy’s detention for 15 days for sharing videos on Facebook
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews the detention of El-Hussaini Farghaly for 15 days for posting videos about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
– Criminal Court renews the detention of Ahmed Adel and Fahmy Mohamed for 45 days
– After more than four years of pretrial detention; Mostafa Gamal released under guarantee of his residence
– Mahmoud Mostafa Mahmoud released under guarantee of his residence
– Mahmoud Abel El-Dayem released under guarantee of his residence
– Administrative Judiciary Court adjourns hearing of appeal against dismissing detained student Omar  Ali to August 28
– The Supreme State Security Prosecution detaines Ashraf Ashry for 15 days
– Belbis Misdemeanor Terrorism Court sentences student Abdel-Rahman El-Attar to one year in prison
– The Supreme State Security Prosecution renews student El-Amir Fahim Ahmed’s detention for 15 days
– The Supreme State Security Prosecution renews journalist Mohamed Fawzy Mosaad’s detention for 15 days
– The Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Tv presenter Hala Fahmy’s detention for 15 days for the seventh time
– After almost four years in pretrial detention; lawyer Mohamed Ramadan released under guarantee of his residence
– After posting videos about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; Supreme State Security Prosecution renews El-Hussaini Farghaly’s detention for 15 days
– Mahmoud Mostafa Mahmoud released under guarantee of his residence
– Zagazig Court of Terrorism Appeal acquits Student Abdel-Rahman El-Attar
– Criminal Court renews the pretrial detention of Wessam Salah for 45 days
– AFTE submits a communication to the attorney general regarding assaulting Ahmed Doma
– Cairo Criminal Court renews Mahmoud Hanfy Mohamed’s pretrial detention for 45 days
– Supreme State Security Prosecution renews Ashraf Ashry’s pretrial detention for 15 days
–  Cairo Criminal Court renews Nour Fayez’s pretrial detention for 45 days
– Disciplinary Board of the Higher Technological Institute punishes Manar Al-Tantawy for demanding to chair the mechanical engineering department
– The three years continued detention of lawyer Amr Nohan renewed for 45 extra days
– The detention of lawyer Mohamed Abdel-Fatah who suffers from leukemia renewed for 45 days
– Criminal Court renews Alaa Shafie’s pretrial detention for 45 days

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